How can I help?

I am an independent consultant specializing in data science and market analytics.

My work generally falls into one of two areas - Data or Methodology. My work in Data runs the gamut from data discovery, data evaluation, data transformation, to data analytics and visualizations grounded in statistical learning algorithms spanning both predictive and exploratory models. My services in Methodology includes survey design, sample design, experimental design, psychometrics, and quantitative aspects of program evaluation. 

If you are looking for guidance on research methodology or advanced analytics, I can help you. Regardless of industry sector, the same fundamental principles apply if you wish to obtain the most valid and reliable findings possible, within budgetary constraints. You can be assured at the outset that I maintain absolute transparency in data sourcing and modeling; so all steps will be clearly documented to withstand the scrutiny of your intended audience.

I earned my doctorate in Psychology from Ohio State University and did post-doctoral research at Stanford University.  I started working on applied research contracts while in graduate school; and continued to build my solo consulting practice after I moved to San Francisco, CA.  My initial projects were a series of quantitative program evaluations for state government agencies, and I quickly expanded my repertoire to include survey methodology and psychometric assessments for federal government agencies, as well as market research and data modeling for commercial corporations and non-profit organizations. Today, I take on engagements ranging from quick methodology consultations to deep data analytics culminating in detailed reports and presentations.